About us

KANALOA NETWORK is a decentralized finance token and blockchain solutions provider focused on lowering the technical barriers of Web3 development. KANALOA NETWORK revolutionizes the smart contract development process with the cutting edge diamond contract platform. Join the network today and manage your smart contracts with ease.


We are happy to announce the successful proof of concept and development of the first version of the KANALOA NETWORK diamond contract generator platform! We are currently in the equity-funding round. For more information, please, contact us at: investments@kanaloa.network


KANALOA’s custom diamond contract generator, with its pre-audited and customizable modules, allows users of all levels of experience to tokenize their assets and enter DeFi effortlessly, with only a few clicks.


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Stage 1

  • Diamond Token Generator V1
  • Establishing DAO
  • Kanaloa Labs experiments
  • Kanaloa Academy educational material
  • Further marketing campaign

Stage 2

  • Diamond Token Generator V2
  • NFT staking program
  • Partner bridge integration
  • R&D for KanaNET infrastructure

Stage 3

  • KanaNET coordinator
  • Listing and project discovery toolkit
  • World domination
  • Experimental NFT marketplace and DEX