About us

Kanaloa Network is a Decentralized Finance token and blockchain solutions provider focused on lowering the technical barrier and broadening the gateway into the world of DeFi. Kanaloa Network is the “Nebula of DeFi”, providing casual users an array of user-friendly products and the ability to safely participate in the exciting world of blockchain and decentralized finance with ease.


Kanaloa sets a special focus on realising the enormous untapped potential of use-case based non-fungible tokens. We aim to create an ecosystem of interest bearing, privilege yielding, and playable NFT across the platform for an easy and sustainable way to access the network and earn passive income. Kanaloa’s NFT act as unique keys to unlock exclusive doorways throughout the network.

What we do

Kanaloa’s custom Diamond Contract Generator, NFT staking mechanisms, experimental DEX, and on-chain auditable contracts will allow users of all levels of experience to realize the full potential of DeFi with a few clicks of a button.


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2022 Roadmap

Stage 1

  • Diamond Token Generator V1
  • Establishing DAO
  • Kanaloa Labs experiments
  • Kanaloa Academy educational material
  • Further marketing campaign

Stage 2

  • Diamond Token Generator V2
  • NFT staking program
  • Partner bridge integration
  • R&D for KanaNET infrastructure

Stage 3

  • KanaNET coordinator
  • Listing and project discovery toolkit
  • World domination
  • Experimental NFT marketplace and DEX